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Pain Management 

Our online pain management workshop is led by an experienced pain management specialist nurse.  This 2 hour workshop promises to improve nurses’ skills and knowledge in pain management.  You will leave armed with basic knowledge on assessing pain, the best drugs to use, techniques to manage pain and the best way to handle pain in patients with difficult circumstances. 

The workshop is suitable for all registered nurses, including nursing students and AHPs who work in an area where pain management is essential to their role. 

Attending the workshop can be counted as 4.5 hours CPD as self directed study will be given

Available Course Dates:

more dates coming soon​

Topics Include:

1.Pain assessment

2. Brief overview of pain management:

–Acute pain management

–Chronic (persistent) pain management

–Palliative / end of life pain management

–Cognitive impairment

–Substance misuse


3.Pharmacology of analgesics

Course Fees: £35
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