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Medication Management in Type 2 Diabetes 

Sonia Willis RGN, Independent Nurse Specialist in Diabetes Management and Education, created her own company in 2015. Sonia continues to work in clinical practice in Rotherham, providing care and management to people living with diabetes and/or heart disease. Having acquired extensive experience over many years, she teaches at many levels for various commissioners and universities. Regularly marking degree and diploma level diabetes papers helps her keep up-to-date. This ensures she maintains confidence to facilitate learning for other Health Care Professionals. She understands how difficult it can be for "generalists" to be "good at everything" so she has made it her mission to provide easy to understand education in the Diabetes specialty.


This 90 minutes interactive webinar alongside a 2.5 hour downloadable self-directed study package will provide healthcare professionals with essential knowledge to feel more confident about the Type 2 diabetes therapies available. A combination of medications is often essential, alongside important lifestyle changes to reduce risks of potential long-term health complications associated with diabetes.

Topics include:

  • Medication management of Type 2 Diabetes – oral therapies

  • Glycaemic goals and why they are important

  • Exploring the different diabetes therapy classes.

  • Which one? Why? When? With What?

  • Explaining mode of action.

  • Recognising the potential side effects and cautions.

  • Relating use of medications to up-to-date guidelines.

  •  Introduction to the Injectable therapies for Type 2 Diabetes

  •  GLP1 RA’s

  •  Insulin use – Basics Only

    Attendance at this online update can be counted as four hours towards your revalidation​​

Course Fees: £30 
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