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ECGs - Advanced

The aim of the online advanced ECG course is to provide the ability to methodically interpret more complex findings seen on 12-lead electrocardiograms (ECG) in clinical practice. It is advised that people who are attending this course are already familiar with ECG interpretation and/or have attended the beginners course.

The course will be delivered in a 90 minute interactive lecture followed by a question and answer session. Two hours of self-directed learning will be required to complete the course.

This course will cover:

  • A refresher session on what the P,QRS,ST and T waveforms mean on a standard 12-lead ECG.

  • A detailed evaluation of various atrial and ventricular rhythms using ECG.

  • To understand how to spot myocardial ischemia and ECG changes often seen during a heart attack (myocardial infarction).

  • Discuss various types of heart block and how they are presented on an ECG.

  • Evaluate ECG findings seen in inherited cardiac diseases such as Brugada, and long QT syndrome.

  • An interactive session evaluating complex ECG’s.

Course Fees: £35
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