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Cardiovascular Disease Management in Primary Care

New Course!

A brilliant introduction to cardiovascular disease management in primary care.

The learner will:

  • Recognise the various conditions under the umbrella term of CVD and be able to describe the differences in presentation.

  • Be familiar with the risk factors for CVD, and link these to the pathophysiology in words patients can understand.

  • Be aware of current evidence based guidelines for primary and secondary prevention of CVD

  • Be familiar with the risk assessment tools and investigations required in primary care to inform appropriate management.

  • Be aware of non-pharmacological and pharmacological management options to reduce risk or manage the patient’s condition.

  • Be able to provide individualised person-centred care and use motivational strategies to support self-management effectively.

  • To review the organisational structures required for effective systems for recall and follow up.

Available dates:

More dates coming soon

Course Fees: £35
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