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Pre-operative Assessment (4 day course)

This course provides a total of 24 hours CPD:

- 20 hours participatory learning

- 4 hours self directed learning


The course is taught by multiple clinicians working in Pre Operative Practice or with a specific skill set. This content is not exhaustive but will give a fantastic overview of POA skills and a refresh of knowledge

Day 1 - Introduction to POA: Emma McCone, Pre-op Lead Nurse, Msc in Perioperative Medicine


  1. National guidance

  2. Nice guideline/ pre op testing

  3. Pre operative assessment indication and protocols

  4. Digital pathways

  5. Best practice guidelines

  6. Low risk pathways/ day case surgery

  7. Clinical history taking

  8. Service development and staffing- who does what/ competency frameworks

  9. ASA grading


Day 2 - Cardiac Care: Peter Luke, Cardiac Physiologist and University Lecturer and James Prentis, Consultant Anaesthetist and Peri-op Medicine Clinician


  1. Why and when to do an ECG

  2. Interpretation of ECG

  3. Common arrhythmias in POA

  4. Atrial and ventricular arrythmia

  5. Recognising abnormalities

  6. Case studies in relation to POA

  7. Chest pain

  8. Hypertension

  9. Clinical investigations

  10. Atrial fibrillation / aortic stenosis / pulmonary hypertension

  11. ECHO interpretation

  12. Hypertension

More dates coming soon - email us to register your interest

Day 3 - Interpretation of Bloods: Dr James Prentis, Consultant Anaesthetist and Peri-Op Medicine Clinician


  1. FBC and anaemia pathways

  2. Biochemistry

  3. Liver function

  4. Endocrinology ( thyroid)

  5. Clotting including anticoagulation

  6. Diabetes pathways and HBA1C

  7. Case studies and indications for testing ( all with relation to disease and physiology, medications)



Day 4 - Respiratory, PREHAB and Optimisation: Emma McCone Pre-op Lead Nurse, Msc in Perioperative Medicine and 


  1. Breathlessness / asthma/ COPD

  2. Lifestyle and pre op

  3. Exercise

  4. Cardio pulmonary exercise testing

  5. COVID 19 and impact on surgery / anaesthesia

  6. Waiting list management / preparation lists

  7. Case Studies

Course Fees: £250
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