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Frailty assessment 

This online course is led by the Advanced Nurse Practitioner Lead Nurse for a Peri-operative Medicine for Older People Undergoing Surgery team. This service provides a full geriatric assessment and optimisation-based pre-operative clinic for patients undergoing elective surgery. 


This course will discuss frailty and its impact on the individual having surgery. It will also detail how to measure for frailty, with examples of how this can be integrated in practice.


While the main focus of this course is the surgical pathway, much of what is discussed is relevant to many areas of healthcare.

Attendance at this online update can be counted as four hours towards your revalidation:

  • 2 hours participatory learning

  • 2 hours self-directed study

More dates coming soon - email us to register your interest

While age should not be used as an arbitrary measure of health, we know that the conditions we accumulate with age do make us more likely to experience negative outcomes after treatment.   

Frailty has been talked a lot about recently, with the COVID pandemic highlighting the older frailer patient at higher risk of prolonged hospital stay and mortality.

So, with this in mind, it’s unsurprising to hear that frailer patients do worse after surgery. But why is this? And does being old automatically make you frail?

Course Fees: £25 
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