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Applied Cardiac Physiology (Basics): Putting Theory into Practice Online Course

This online session is aimed at those wishing to develop or revise their knowledge of basic cardiovascular principles. We will use simple animations and graphics to break down and explain terminology and physiology, then look at a case study to see how these principles can be applied to patient assessment and treatment.

Attendance at this online update can be counted as four hours towards your revalidation:

  • 2 hours participatory learning

  • 2 hours self-directed study

Topics covered:

  • Basic Terminology Simply Explained: vascular resistance, cardiac output, heart rate, stroke volume and contractility using basic animations to simplify the biology.

  • Patient Assessment: conducting a basic cardiovascular assessment on a patient, applying what we have learnt so far to help us understand how clinical observations relate to the underlying physiology.

  • Cardiac Medications: basic pharmacology relating to a few of the common cardiac medications.

  • Administering fluids for hypotension: The benefits and risks of administering fluids for hypotension.

Course Fees: £25 
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