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Understanding Bloods: FBC and anaemia

The aim of this online course is to develop an understanding of a full blood count test, how to interpret the results and the latest evidence in treatments. The course is run by an experienced clinician and is suitable for any nurse that take takes bloods and wonders what the results actually mean.

The course will be delivered in a 90 minute interactive lecture followed by thirty minute question and answer session. Two hours of self-directed learning will be required to complete the course.

Attendance at this online update can be counted as four hours towards your revalidation:

  • 2 hours participatory learning

  • 2 hours self-directed study

The course will provide an overview to understanding the full blood count and how to interpret the results:

  • Haemoglobin - specifically anaemia and its treatments

  • A detailed evaluation of anaemia and its treatment

  • To understand how white blood cells and what they mean in practice

  • Platelets and their function including antiplatelet therapy

Course Fees: £25 

Available Course Dates:

More dates coming soon

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